Friday, June 18, 2010

I was lucky enough this year at the Bead and Button show to meet up with my old friend and sales rep. Terri Principie. Terri used to rep my jewelry back 15 years ago when I had my company LEN.ART COLLECTION. I was based out of Chicago. She was awesome and really understood what my jewelry was about.
She is also a we always have very interesting conversations. One of the subjects that came up was the new color I was wearing. I have took to wearing a deep coral color....which to me , I was quite proud of putting any color into my wardrobe. I think many artists or designers work with so much color that we get tired of it in our day to day life...or that life is simpler for me to just put on a neutral color day after day so I can save my creative force for jewelry/sculpture work. Sink it into that medium instead.
Anyways, I'm immersed in coral color..... I even painted my room a metallic coral.

Terri told me that the color is worn for power, mental clarity and strength. That it is a powerful color. GOOD! She said it is important to wear on your wrist. I am wearing my great grandmothers 40 feet of small coral beads that was given to her on her wedding day. It's nice and smooth and a good Talismans. It felt good to have these hand cut ancient fossil on my when it is on your wrist (rather than your neck) you get to look at them.
Terri also told me that I did not need the points on my silver bracelets that I often wear....that I will just keep people away. well...there are some people that I am trying to keep away. I may file the weapons down to nubs. Maybe, just maybe I don't need to wear weapons anymore?? I think it's left over from growing up on the south side of Chicago..... should I file?....or should I not?? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The Bead and Button show was a good one. The classes went well. I had 6 days of classes ..introducing the Industrial Chic line.. and the booth.
Cheri and I started off with a 2 day class casting class with sterling silver. Cheri did the glass and I did the metals. We had a great time and students finished some awesome pieces. This is Cheri debut with the beaders so we were happy all went well. We called her "Safety Sister!!!" to the rescue. She is in the photo above to the far right. She said that she did not want to walk around the show since most people thought she was me..... well, we both do have loud mouths and similar mannerisms. It has been really nice working with her and she is a big help. Maybe we'll see more of her teaching glass throughout the year.

We had an awesome response to Industrial Chic. It really is a pretty cool line of components. It was fun finally bringing it out after all of the hard work we did last year. ..It was mums the word. I wanted to put up a few more pics....maybe tomorrow. I have lots of organizing to do today since I was away for so long.