Monday, September 14, 2009

Sam and I

Here is Sam and I at the last workshop. We are closing it all up and went out to dinner that night to listen to some incredible Mexican Folk music.

WORKSHOP- Uncommon Objects in glass casting

Cheri and I are getting ready to teach for the first time our workshop called, UNCOMMON OBJECTS IN GLASS CASTING, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My sister Cheri studied sculpture in college and has brought it into the glass form. I, in turn, have brought it into the jewelry form. We are setting up a loose structure to teach casting objects and hand carving our own be made into glass. Other techniques- Soldering sterling silver and enamel work. If you are interested please check out the class at the Hacienda. We have a small group so far. I am very excited about that. Susan and Chris Bolding are coming!!! Can't wait to see you both! I'll save a margarita by the poolside for you!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leaving for France

Once again, I am off to France to teach an annual workshop. For obvious reasons.. This is one of my favorite venues! We start in Paris and hit many of the flea markets. Linda and I have done well there in the past. Although, last year at the flea market we noticed the prices went up. When we questioned we were told, "well, the Americans are not coming over as much so we sell a smaller amount". Therefor, they needed more money per piece because of the loss of volume. !! It is different from the way Americans think. In this case, we would give lower prices.
I am spending 3 weeks there this year, one week in Paris, one week in Provence and one week in Toulouse at Gwen Gibson's place conducting the workshop. My kids and mother are coming out as well, at least to the first two places. My son and I love the castles and battle areas.
The students are wonderful and we keep to a small group. We love having our 2 hour dinners together prepared by our wonderful chef, Niche. I leave in 3 hours!! Au revior!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bead and Button show

ahhh, I always feel like so much happened after I get to the end of this event. I taught for 6 straight late, late , meet the teachers event. A few dinners with friends and so on...
Here is Susan, another silversmith. Linda and my sister Cheri at the end of this event..Cheri worked the booth and assisted in class. She is a glass artist and we are teaching a few gigs together next year. Glass casting, etching and enameling on glass. I;ll have some photos in the future.

Last but not least my good friend Joel who we always save the last night for dinner and a few margaritas!!!! I remember taking the picture... we wanted to show off Joel's muscles. Well, with muscles like that he was begging to help us move our heavy stuff.....right??? I owed him a few margarita's!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bead and Button show

here are some pieces that I just finished using resin paper and layering. I consider them to be prayer boxes because I carefully used pieces of dictionary paper that had text that I considered relevant.
Along with a little sterling silver...vwaaa laa

Friday, May 15, 2009

jen..and the design team

I am introducing Jen..the absolutely fabulously creative Jen. Jen is our new Objects and Elements ..NEW media manager and design team coordinator.
When i met her 3 years ago I realized that I met my match as far as creativity and insight...we spoke the same language. Jen has mastered the art of language. We spent many hours over the telephone talking of our dreams, future plans, ideas for art and so on. ..
Jen came to Paris last year and we had more time to spend together. Here is a person who would hang out in PIG Alley with me and LOVE it.!! We sleezed around and enjoyed ourselves. .
We have been working hard behind the scenes for a few years and I now am happy to see some of our plans materialize. Together, the three of us, Linda, Jen and I came up with a team of designers that we thought would do our Objects and Elements site justice.. BOY, we were right. Not only have these 5 designers worked beautiful pieces but they all used their own voice and let their persons show through!
Introducing our fabulously creative crew of 5 and their awesome and inspiring work. View the designers at

Jen cushman
Deryn Mentock
Kristin Robinson
Barbe Saint John
Jane Sally

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ahh, we just had 2 days of beautiful weather!! This did a lot for ones soul out here in the mid west. It has been a longgggggg winter.
Just thinking of my friends and looking forward to some time hanging out. Here is the 4 of us. Shelia, in the center comes out from Atlanta and spends the summer on her boat. Suzi, on the right has been my friend for ever. Monet, on the left never had kids so can still wear bikinis!!
This time of chilling out, I believe is important to an artist. It gives your ideas a chance culminate, grow and develop. Luckily, it's my belief............what fun!