Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bead and Button show

here are some pieces that I just finished using resin paper and layering. I consider them to be prayer boxes because I carefully used pieces of dictionary paper that had text that I considered relevant.
Along with a little sterling silver...vwaaa laa

Friday, May 15, 2009

jen..and the design team

I am introducing Jen..the absolutely fabulously creative Jen. Jen is our new Objects and Elements ..NEW media manager and design team coordinator.
When i met her 3 years ago I realized that I met my match as far as creativity and insight...we spoke the same language. Jen has mastered the art of language. We spent many hours over the telephone talking of our dreams, future plans, ideas for art and so on. ..
Jen came to Paris last year and we had more time to spend together. Here is a person who would hang out in PIG Alley with me and LOVE it.!! We sleezed around and enjoyed ourselves. .
We have been working hard behind the scenes for a few years and I now am happy to see some of our plans materialize. Together, the three of us, Linda, Jen and I came up with a team of designers that we thought would do our Objects and Elements site justice.. BOY, we were right. Not only have these 5 designers worked beautiful pieces but they all used their own voice and let their persons show through!
Introducing our fabulously creative crew of 5 and their awesome and inspiring work. View the designers at

Jen cushman
Deryn Mentock
Kristin Robinson
Barbe Saint John
Jane Sally