Tuesday, October 21, 2008

France..one more time

By the way, Linda is now filling France for June, 2009. She has 5 confirmed students... There is room for 3 more students. Please contact her if you are interested in the 5 day intensive workshop or check my web site. It is going to be a wonderful expierience!

Also, I wanted to say... for all of the wonderful people who purchased my book in advance ...thank you. We had lots of great critiques from those artists that preordered. We now have the book on Amazon if you would like additional copies. I think they are selling Making Connections...for $31.00. Please, please if you have a minute to get onto Amazon.com and include a comment of Making Connections. I would really appreciate the support. Thanks!!!!!!


Here I am on a rainy day using up the last of my time off. It feels good to be back from two very long but soul searching and fulfilling workshops. France and Seattle....two of my favorite places to be. I love the city.. I just bring it all home with me and let it resonate. As an artist, I think one of the most important things that I do is to give myself time off to let it all soak in and my experiences become who I am and what I am about. My new work will be my interpretation of these experiences.

My two large pieces, The Ballerina and The Fat Lady, were recently purchased by collectors. I am refurbishing them from a year of being on the road and building an iron floor stand for each to sit in. Ah, it is sad to see them go BUT I know this will get me moving to build the circus series. I am starting with the tight rope walker and the trapeze artist. I decided to make this series larger in size since I can put more jewelry upon them.

sitting in Paris....on the corner for 6 hours...

Here are some other people I loved shooting photos of in France. The French woman on the left is so Paris!...


The thing about being homeless.... and I have known many and have been some what there myself at a few points in my life... I really entertained the idea of indulging myself altogether...... yes, indulging, because in being homeless you can give up the idea of living the perfect life. You do not have to be perfect anymore..in fact not even remotely perfect. It is such a feeling of bliss and freedom to NOT care what anyone thinks of you. Not to be overwhelmed with budgets, financing, responsibilities. Well, that is one side of it..

France 2008

I had such a wonderful trip and workshop. When I landed in Paris I sat for 5 hours on the street corner and took some amazing photos. Some I will keep in my memory to develop for later use. Here are a few characters. I found this French woman to be very interesting.
I found a woman wearing stiletto heels and riding a bike and a nice masculine man snuggling his tiny little dog. I enjoyed the people watching.