Saturday, February 13, 2010

The history of ice resin is this....I began using resin in my jewelry work in 2001. As a builder of Taismans I liked the idea that I could use tiny pieces like grains of sand, medicinal ground pedals and other elements that I considered to be used a relic. I ordered the resin and began mixing and experimenting in my then studio on the lake. I had problems with yellowing and I was very concerned with th toxic fumes that resins normally contain.
Being an artist for 25 years I need to take good care of myself so i can stay in my field and not become allergic to my medium. I always thought it would be such a bummer to master a material and then become allergic to it........ or damage tendons in my hands. I am always looking for non toxic materials and am very careful with my posture and tools that I use. Only the best. ....It has to be this way.
So, upon lots and lots of research and searching I finally found a parent company with gorgeously clear, non toxic resin. Together we developed a jewelers grade resin for the jewelers. It is thicker than most and has a beautiful doming quality. It stays super clear throughout time... at least 5o years. We know this history from the parent product. Anything that goes into a bezel and get filled with resin is magnified. I cast my figures and jewelry components with ice resin. I also use it on paper to make it transparent. There is so much more to do with resin besides pouring it into a bezel. That's what i like to teach in the certification program and my workshops. I love using this resin and have found nothing better.!!
Linda and I worked hard to get this product out on the market. The first launch was Bead and Button show 2008. Here is a picture od Linda and I. I am on the left. We founded Ice resin.
Here is some of my work. Enjoy.....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hey all,
We finished CHA about a week ago and are now taking down the booth from Tucson Gem and Mineral show. We did very well with our ICE RESIN! I showed some of new work in journals that I built using Ice resin on paper. The technique is on