Monday, September 14, 2009

Sam and I

Here is Sam and I at the last workshop. We are closing it all up and went out to dinner that night to listen to some incredible Mexican Folk music.

WORKSHOP- Uncommon Objects in glass casting

Cheri and I are getting ready to teach for the first time our workshop called, UNCOMMON OBJECTS IN GLASS CASTING, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My sister Cheri studied sculpture in college and has brought it into the glass form. I, in turn, have brought it into the jewelry form. We are setting up a loose structure to teach casting objects and hand carving our own be made into glass. Other techniques- Soldering sterling silver and enamel work. If you are interested please check out the class at the Hacienda. We have a small group so far. I am very excited about that. Susan and Chris Bolding are coming!!! Can't wait to see you both! I'll save a margarita by the poolside for you!