Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The thing about being homeless.... and I have known many and have been some what there myself at a few points in my life... I really entertained the idea of indulging myself altogether...... yes, indulging, because in being homeless you can give up the idea of living the perfect life. You do not have to be perfect anymore..in fact not even remotely perfect. It is such a feeling of bliss and freedom to NOT care what anyone thinks of you. Not to be overwhelmed with budgets, financing, responsibilities. Well, that is one side of it..


annie said...

It always amazes me that there are others who think this way.
I also have a secret desire to be in a poor neighborhood and really living my life by sitting on a stoop and laughing with my neighbors. You know, obviously, the more you have, the more isolated you become.
I love your work. It looks to be from the heart.

Anji Gallanos said...

Well...yes...but I was homeless with my father in Los Angeles when I was 16. I suppose it would be a carefree life if you weren't responsible for caring for someone else. It was one of the most stress filled times of my life. My father however, could couch surf happily.

I really admire your work and I am excited to be following your blog.