Tuesday, October 21, 2008

France..one more time

By the way, Linda is now filling France for June, 2009. She has 5 confirmed students... There is room for 3 more students. Please contact her if you are interested in the 5 day intensive workshop or check my web site. It is going to be a wonderful expierience!

Also, I wanted to say... for all of the wonderful people who purchased my book in advance ...thank you. We had lots of great critiques from those artists that preordered. We now have the book on Amazon if you would like additional copies. I think they are selling Making Connections...for $31.00. Please, please if you have a minute to get onto Amazon.com and include a comment of Making Connections. I would really appreciate the support. Thanks!!!!!!


susanc said...
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debi said...

Hey Susan & Linda!

Glad to see you have a blog...and wanted to let you know that first all the goodies I bought earlier this year were great! Also, love the book...you both did a beautiful job. Maybe someday ya'll will get down here to Houston..until then...take care and keep up the great work!

xo...deb (the junkin' yaya)

Marco Crupi said...

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Jenni said...

Oh My... I can't believe that I have found your blog! Very cool.. I would love to come to your demonstrations.. Unfortunately though I am in Australia.. But if you ever come here you have somewhere to bunk down! I have been trying to find somewhere to purchase your book from. I am so in love with Rivetting at the moment.... I just watched your video on sawing.. That is something that I don't like doing but I guess I will just have to continue to try.. LOL.. Great to leave a comment on your blog.

Jenni - Australia

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Stunning photos, Susan! The streets of France look so inviting.

Beverly Ash Gilbert

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Susan! Boy do I wish I could go again. I had soooo much fun on the trip to France last year with you and Linda. Whoever reads this should sign up immediately! Susan, check out my new blog, www.RikiJewelry.blogspot.com. See you in Portland in '09 at A&S! I think Jill might be coming also.

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

Hey to you from Mexico! Love the Book and glad to see you have a blog. I also want you to know what a great time I had at your workshop in PV......I thought I might have a really hard time since I had never taken a jewelry class.....but you made me feel like a pro....Thank you