Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leaving for France

Once again, I am off to France to teach an annual workshop. For obvious reasons.. This is one of my favorite venues! We start in Paris and hit many of the flea markets. Linda and I have done well there in the past. Although, last year at the flea market we noticed the prices went up. When we questioned we were told, "well, the Americans are not coming over as much so we sell a smaller amount". Therefor, they needed more money per piece because of the loss of volume. !! It is different from the way Americans think. In this case, we would give lower prices.
I am spending 3 weeks there this year, one week in Paris, one week in Provence and one week in Toulouse at Gwen Gibson's place conducting the workshop. My kids and mother are coming out as well, at least to the first two places. My son and I love the castles and battle areas.
The students are wonderful and we keep to a small group. We love having our 2 hour dinners together prepared by our wonderful chef, Niche. I leave in 3 hours!! Au revior!


susanc said...

You're a very lucky lady! Wish I was going - I'd LOVE to go to the flea markets - you must find some wonderful things there.

Have a great time!

Periwinkle Studio said...

I wish I could go there! I bet it is a trip of a lifetime! Enjoy!!!

Michele said...

Lucky chicky! I love going to France, I have family there, I used to go more often, then work and life get in the way, ya know. We are in the south of france region in a small town of Royan and they have wonderful fleas there as well. Toulouse is also beautiful, I have a cousin there and I think next year I will go back to France. I wish you a wonderful vacation! I am familiar with your work and I think it is so amazing and so unique. All the best, Michele

Studio Sylvia said...

First time visit on your blog, Susan. I wanted to do your class in March 2010, in Australia but missed out. Enjoy your time in France and happy hunting and discovering at the flea markets.

lilibulle said...

hooooow!! what a pity! "Unfortunately" I live in the south of France! I am a fan of your work! I could not see you! Enjoy your stay with us!

Nishant said...

you must find some wonderful things there.
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