Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bead and Button show

ahhh, I always feel like so much happened after I get to the end of this event. I taught for 6 straight late, late , meet the teachers event. A few dinners with friends and so on...
Here is Susan, another silversmith. Linda and my sister Cheri at the end of this event..Cheri worked the booth and assisted in class. She is a glass artist and we are teaching a few gigs together next year. Glass casting, etching and enameling on glass. I;ll have some photos in the future.

Last but not least my good friend Joel who we always save the last night for dinner and a few margaritas!!!! I remember taking the picture... we wanted to show off Joel's muscles. Well, with muscles like that he was begging to help us move our heavy stuff.....right??? I owed him a few margarita's!

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